PCBM – PC61BM – SOL5061

Fullerene C60 is the primary starting material for the synthesis of organic semiconductors used in solar cells, perovskites, and bio/pharma applications.

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Choose between:

Grade > 99.00% (SOL5061B)

Grade > 99.50% (SOL5061A)

Grade: 99.90% (SOL5061Z)

Grade: 99.95% (SOL5061Y)

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PCBM – PC61BM – SOL5061
CAS: 160848-22-6

PCBM is a derivative of fullerene C60, is one of the most commonly used electron-accepting materials in organic photovoltaic devices.

Used as an electron acceptor from Donor materials such as P3HT (SOL4106), PCDTBT (SOL4280), or PTB7 (SOL4700) to make high Open Circuit Voltage (Voc), high Power Conversion Efficiency (PCE) bulk heterojunction solar cells, >99.9% [6,6] isomerized. Available for large scale projects

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99.95% (SOL5061Y)